Speeder Reader

Speeder Reader couples the notion of dynamic typography with the notion of the car as interface. A speed-reading protocol called RSVP (for Rapid Serial Visual Presentation) allows people to learn to read up to 2000 words per minute. This is because it flashes words or short phrases onto the screen in front of you, affixed in one spot; you don't have to move your eyes around a page to read. We give you a gas pedal to control your rate of speed-reading and a steering wheel to navigate between streams of text. Here's a preprint of the Computers and Graphics journal paper that goes into more detail on the design and technology behind Speeder Reader.


Maribeth Back, Jonathan Cohen, Rich Gold

with Matt Gorbet, Steve Harrison, Scott Minneman, Dale MacDonald, Terry Murphy

Thanks to: NASA, Ian Smith, Tom Rodriguez, Jock Mackinlay