Food Reviews

All those places that I have been to will be featured here.
(You see, I don't remember things well. So, I'll try my best to remember and compile them all ! )
Metro-Chicago Area Boston/Cambridge Area Singapore
  • Restaurants
      • *Penang Restaurant, Chinatown
      • Won Kow, Chinatown
      • The Phoenix, Chinatown
      • Green Bamboo, Chinatowm
      • *Dr. Chen's Chinese Kitchen, Westmont
      • Little restaurant next to Broadway Supermarket, Broadway and Foster
      • Stir Crazy, Oak Brook Center
      • Pacific Buffet, Mundeline (also Japanese Buffet)
      • Viceroy of India, Lombard
      • Gandhi Restaurant, Little India
      • Papadaux Seafoods, Oak Brook
      • California Pizza, Oak Brook Center
  • Hotels
  • Food Courts
    • Yaohan, Arlington Heights
    • Chinese International Building, Westmont
  • Supermarkets
    • International Club (Five Continents), (I55 & Pulaski)
    • Diho Market, Westmont
    • Diho Market, Skokie
  • Restaurants
    • Tokyo Restaurant
    • Penang Restaurant
    • Pandan Leaf
    • Legal Seafoods
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Author's Note

    All outlets that made it to my list are considered good or even better. If you notice that some food outlets have been deleted from, or are just not in my list, there may be a few reasons :