Apollo Hotel

405/407 Havelock Road, Singapore 0315.

Tel : 733 2081

1.) Luna Coffee House

The porridge supper offered is of Taiwanese/Hokkien style.

Unlike all the supper buffets in Singapore Hotels, this one offers a few kinds of porridge. First of all, the famous Taiwan porridge, then they have the traditional hokkien plain porridge, peanut & dried squid porridge (my favourite !), chicken porridge, roast duck porridge and finally the century egg porridge. You can add spring onions, deep fried onions, chinese celery and soy sauce to the porridge of your choice.

For the dishes, they have the soya bean curds in soy sauce, fried peanuts, fried chicken feet with soya bean curd skins in soy sauce, salted vegetables, salted eggs, century eggs, scrambled eggs, roast duck, fish cubes, "ikan bilis" (dried preserved fishes) and pork.

Buffet Supper : 11:00pm to 3:00am

Location : Second Level

Attire : Casual